March 26,2024
Explainer: What is famine?

Amid growing global concerns over alarming hunger spikes in conflict-affected communities and talk of intensifying levels of food insecurity possibly leading to famine

June 26,2022
Golden Child Syndrome Impacts You From Childhood Through Adulthood

By now, you likely know that the ways in which you were raised can significantly affect how you navigate the world in both positive and negative ways.

April 27,2022
12 Signs Your Child’s Mental Health Is Suffering, Plus 6 Coping Strategies

“I just want the pandemic to be over,” my 6-year-old said sadly as we pulled into our parking space after her gymnastics class.

April 27,2022
Understanding Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Children

No parent wants to see their child sick, but it can and does happen.

October 3,2021
What Is Parentification?

Do you feel like you were pushed into taking care of your parents or siblings when you were only a child yourself?

May 30,2021
High cholesterol in children: Causes, treatment, and more

People often view high cholesterol as a condition that only affects adults.

March 28,2021
EU Commission proposes action to uphold child rights and support children in need

The Commission has adopted the first comprehensive EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, a

December 14,2019
Depression in children: What to know

Depression is more than just sadness and can be a serious and potentially life threatening illness.

April 11,2018
New guide helps kids, adolescents living with ostomies

Children and teens who undergo ostomy surgery now have a resource written by their peers to help them navigate the challenges of middle school, high school, college an