domestic accidents

July 20,2016
Child safety advice and statistics

As parents we want our children to have fun - but stay safe too!

July 20,2016
10 Most Common Accidents in the Home and How to Treat Them

No matter how much we strive to make our domestic environment as safe as possible, accidents at home can still happen - even in the most conscientious of households.

April 25,2016
Family: A Right for all Children

The International Convention on the Rights of the Child gives all children the right to a family.

March 22,2016
11 Shocking facts about child abuse

Much too often, we see evidence everyday that somewhere; someone is committing the most unspeakable act.

February 10,2015
Prevalence and trends of stunting among pre-school children, 1990-2020

This paper quantify the revalence and trends of stunting among children using the W.H.O. growth standards.