March 28,2021
EU Commission proposes action to uphold child rights and support children in need

The Commission has adopted the first comprehensive EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, a

August 8,2016
In pictures: India's stunted children

India has the highest number of children suffering from stunted growth in the world, the charity WaterAid says in a new report.

July 25,2016
how to shape policies and programmes to make fair chance a reality for every child

“Inequality is a choice. Promoting equity – a fair chance for every child, for all children – is also a choice. A choice we can make, and must make.

July 25,2016
in 2030, 167 million children will live in extreme poverty

World leaders have committed to ending poverty by 2030.

July 25,2016
Every child has the right to a fair chance in life

The lives and futures of millions of children are in jeopardy.

June 30,2016
What are children’s economic rights

Poverty can have a severely negative impact on a child’s development.

June 30,2016
Children and freedom of expression

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and impart information and ideas t

June 30,2016
The General Principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

All rights in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) are linked and must be considered as a whole.

June 28,2016
children's freedom of association

Children, like adults, have the right to participate in protests and form or join associations.

June 22,2016
Factfile: Children and the right to vote