Education and early childhood development

June 2,2024
Explainer: What’s a dignity kit?

Every month, nearly two billion women and girls menstruate, but during times of war and climate disasters, from the conflict in Gaza to the devastation caused by Cyclo

June 26,2022
Golden Child Syndrome Impacts You From Childhood Through Adulthood

By now, you likely know that the ways in which you were raised can significantly affect how you navigate the world in both positive and negative ways.

April 27,2022
12 Signs Your Child’s Mental Health Is Suffering, Plus 6 Coping Strategies

“I just want the pandemic to be over,” my 6-year-old said sadly as we pulled into our parking space after her gymnastics class.

October 3,2021
What Is Parentification?

Do you feel like you were pushed into taking care of your parents or siblings when you were only a child yourself?

March 28,2021
EU Commission proposes action to uphold child rights and support children in need

The Commission has adopted the first comprehensive EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, a

December 14,2019
Depression in children: What to know

Depression is more than just sadness and can be a serious and potentially life threatening illness.

May 23,2017
Committee on the Rights of the Child examines the report of Lebanon

The Committee on the Rights of the Child today(19 May) concluded its consideration of the combined fourth and fifth periodic report of Lebanon on its implementation of

November 28,2016
'Digital heroin for children':Youngsters spend five hours a day glued to their smartphones and televisions

We are a nation of technology addicts – and the habit starts early.

October 19,2016
Every 7 seconds, a young girl becomes a bride

The statistics are startling: Around the world, every seven seconds, a girl under 15 is married.

September 26,2016
Suicide in Children — What Every Parent Must Know

The death of a child is always heart breaking and horribly, horribly wrong.