June 26,2022
Golden Child Syndrome Impacts You From Childhood Through Adulthood

By now, you likely know that the ways in which you were raised can significantly affect how you navigate the world in both positive and negative ways.

February 27,2022
Cyberbullying: What is it and how to stop it

We brought together UNICEF specialists, international cyberbullying and child protection experts, and teamed up with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter to answer

March 28,2021
EU Commission proposes action to uphold child rights and support children in need

The Commission has adopted the first comprehensive EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, a

November 28,2016
'Digital heroin for children':Youngsters spend five hours a day glued to their smartphones and televisions

We are a nation of technology addicts – and the habit starts early.

July 20,2016
Teaching Healthy Competition

The label “competitive” frequently calls forth visual images of children who not only expect to win all the time, but don’t deal well with losing.

July 20,2016
Why Competition Is Good for Kids and How to Keep It That Way

To some parents, "competition" is a dirty word.

July 19,2016
The Effects of Theatre Education on Children


July 19,2016
The importance of Children's Theater

When asked how to create plays for children, Constantin Stanislavski, the great master of Russian drama reportedly replied: “The same as for adults, only better.”

June 30,2016
Children’s Education and Cultural rights

Access to quality education and the ability to learn about and enjoy one’s own culture are essential if children are to feel connected to their community and fulfill t

June 16,2016
How to nurture your child's love of reading

Kids become lifelong readers for all kinds of reasons.